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Add Comfort to Your Mattress With a Memory Foam Topper

If your mattress is too firm, a memory foam mattress can soften it and provide comfort. This moderately priced option blends soft memory foam that molds to curves and eases pressure points using cooling gel beads to regulate temperature.

This three-inch option is perfect for those who prefer the classic memory-foam feel. It wraps your body around and relieves pressure in joints and shoulders.


If you love your bed but your mattress feels lumpy and flat, a memory foam mattress is an easy way to give it new lease of life. The thick material is a great fit for your body, relieving pressure points and providing comfort for all sleeping positions. The plush toppers are great for side sleepers and those who suffer from arthritis, while firmer options are ideal for stomach and back sleepers to lessen the strain on their spines.

There are a myriad of ways to add an extra layer of memory foam to your existing mattress, depending on your needs. A more substantial option will provide more contouring, while thinner toppers are ideal for those looking to soften a mattress without losing support. Memory foam toppers are also capable of regulating temperature by absorbing heat and dispersing it. However this feature isn’t available on all models.

The Linenspa Memory Foam Topper is a fantastic choice at a low cost. It has a high star rating (4.4) from more than 28K customer reviews (May 2023). It’s made from super soft and comfortable memory foam that conforms to the body’s shape for a cozy hug-like feeling. Gel beads embedded in the foam absorb and disperse your heat, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Another high-value option is the Sleep Innovations mattress topper, which has a two-inch layer of plush fiberfill and two inches of gel-cooling memory foam. It comes in six sizes, from twin to cal king and offers a soft, luxurious feel with added support for the body. Its breathable fabric and antimicrobial protection keep it free of allergens and resistant to mildew and mold.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the advantages of a memory foam topper, check out this one from Best Price Mattress. Its cut-and-groove pattern alters the density of the memory foam according to zone, allowing you to modify it to meet your body’s specific needs. CertiPUR US certification means that it is free of harmful chemicals for your health and the planet.

Temperature Control

Memory foam mattress toppers can help people sleep cool because they add an additional layer of softness which absorbs heat. It also provides a hugging feeling that reduces pressure to the joints. It is important to select a cooling topper that has the right thickness and materials. Certain foams, like poly foam, are more breathable and may cause sleepers to feel warmer. Furthermore, toppers that are thicker tend to have an odor when they’re new and may take longer to get used to than thinner options.

The base material is more important than the infusions. Some foams, such as memory foam, tends to trap heat while others, like latex and featherbeds, breathe better.

Fortunately, the most effective memory foam toppers for temperature control have features such as air vents and moisture-wicking fabric. The RCCI model, for instance, has bamboo viscose fabric covers that is hypoallergenic and machine washable. The topper, too, is crafted with an open-cell design that the manufacturer claims improves airflow and helps dissipate heat.

The Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper is an excellent choice for hot sleepers because it is made up of two inches of memory foam infused graphite that has cooling properties that are natural. The topper has a layer high-density foam that prevents sinkage.

Another option is the Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, which is filled with cooling gel beads that disperse heat for temperature regulation. It also comes with a plush cover and removable and washable.

Selecting a memory foam mattress is a great option to improve your mattress without spending much money. It’s easy to choose one that fits your requirements by weighing the type of support you need as well as the temperature you like to sleep at, and the thickness you want. Look for a mattress topper that is made of environmentally friendly materials such as CertiPUR certified foam. It’s also important to keep in mind that memory foam is flammable and therefore, make sure that your topper is two feet away from candles, heaters, and other potential fire dangers.


A bed should support your spine without putting stress on your shoulders or hips. A mattress topper made of memory foam can transform a creaking or old mattress topper double bed into a plush and comfortable surface that reduces pressure points, improves alignment of the spine and reduces the pain.

However, you don’t have to spend a large amount of money to enjoy the comfort of memory foam to your mattress. The best memory foam mattress under $100 will provide you with the softness and comfort of a brand new mattress, and could even help you get rid of an overly firm one. A low-cost memory foam mattress can last as long as a premium one, contingent on the way you care for it.

One of our most inexpensive options is the Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Its three inches of soft memory foam conforms to the contours of your body, assisting to relieve pain and pressure on shoulders, back knees, hips, soak and sleep mattress topper shoulders. Its gel infusion helps to cool and distribute heat on your sleeping surface.

The topper has straps that allow it to stay on the mattress. It also comes with a trial time of 180 days, so you are able to return the item if you do not like it. You’ll need to pay for a new mattress cover.

The memory foam topper made by the Tempur-Pedic company is available in different thicknesses. You can get two or three inches of foam, and the firmness level is based on the position you prefer to sleep in The softness is ideal for side sleepers who prefer a soft feel medium for those who want moderate support; and Firm for those who weigh more than 250 pounds or who prefer a firmer, more comfortable feel.

This topper is not made of synthetic materials, but instead of natural latex. It’s certified by CertiPURUS, which means that the foam has been tested for chemicals and emissions that could harm your health. The topper is equipped with tiny ventilation holes that help to improve air circulation, which prevents your body from overheating when you sleep.


A memory foam mattress topper is a fantastic alternative to purchasing a new mattress. It will soften and shape a firm mattress and also provide pressure relief and temperature control. A mattress topper can increase the lifespan of a Mattress Topper for back pain (https://wizdomz.wiki/) by adding an additional layer of cushioning. It also has antimicrobial properties.

This mattress topper from ZINUS features a CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam that assists to decrease the buildup of heat by removing moisture from the body. The eggshell-like design creates air pockets that increase the breathability. The manufacturer also adds lavender to improve sleep. Users find the smell pleasant however it’s not clear if the lavender has any effect on sleep quality.

This topper is perfect for those who share a mattress with an animal or a companion. The dense construction of the topper reduces movement in the bed and can help stop snoring that is disruptive. The topper can also repel dust mold spores, mites and other allergens.

A top-quality memory foam mattress can help improve posture and ease back pain, especially for side sleepers. The density and thickness of the foam can influence the feel of the topper, therefore it is essential to consider your budget and comfort level when choosing a model.

Read the instructions carefully before cleaning your mattress. Some mattress toppers can be machine-washed while others should be cleaned by hand to prevent shrinkage. Mattress toppers made of foam are flammable, so it’s important to keep them at least three feet away from any heating equipment like heaters or candles. The toppers can also hold the smell of odors, and it’s recommended to keep it covered by a mattress protector made of waterproof material.

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